AntiquingIn today’s fast paced, throw-away society, there’s something to be gained in taking an afternoon or weekend to slow down and remember the way things used to be – in other words, antiquing. Before the advent of planned obsolescence and a ‘good enough’ attitude, things were built to last. Everything from a child’s rag doll to a John Deere tractor were manufactured to give honest service for years, sometimes generations, and many of these items are still with us.

Inside one of Columbia and Montour Counties’ many antique shops you’ll discover the things that our ancestors loved and used in their everyday lives. A woman’s cameo pendant. A boy’s tin toy train. A gold pocket watch that still keeps perfect time. A cast iron frying pan used to prepare countless breakfasts. Often, these shops are themselves housed in a home or barn built before the turn of the 20th century. All these things attest to the care and skill that craftsmen used to show when building something to last.

So the next time you’re frustrated that your two-year-old PC is now too dated to check your email, spend an afternoon antiquing. Slow down, and remind yourself that things really aren’t built like they used to be.

Start and end your treasure hunt in Columbia & Montour counties!

Antiquing Map for Columbia & Montour Counties

The Columbia-Montour Visitors Bureau produces an antique brochure and map to help start you on your way. Create your own antique roadtrip in the scenic countryside of Columbia and Montour counties where you’ll discover why many East Coast dealers buy their antiques from Pennsylvania antique dealers.To help you explore our diverse array of antique shops, feel free to download our Antiquing guide and map, including each shops address, hours and specialties.

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Antiquing in Columbia & Montour Counties

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